Handwriting Videos

Handwriting Videos

As featured on Parents.com, Lauren teaches how each capital and lowercase letter is formed in these 17 short handwriting videos. Helpful handwriting tips are provided throughout each video. Sensory based pre-writing activities are also included for younger children who are not yet ready to pick up a pencil. Please watch these videos for an interactive introduction of handwriting into your home!

Getting Started

Handwriting: An Introduction Handwriting: Starter Tips Handwriting: Using The Proper Grip

Handwriting Videos for Preschool Age Children

These are activities that can be done before a child is even ready to hold a pencil.

Handwriting: Fun with Shaving Cream Handwriting: Practicing with Play-Doh

Capital Letters

Handwriting-Capital Letter Basics Handwriting: Capital Letters A through E Handwriting: Capital Letters F through J
Handwriting: Capital Letters K through O Handwriting: Capital Letters P through T Handwriting: Capital Letters U through Z

Lowercase Letters

Handwriting: Learning Low-Case Letters Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters a through e Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters f through j
Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters k through o

Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters p through t

Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters u through z