Is Cursive Writing Relevant in the 21st Century?

When we think of cursive writing, many of us think of an antiquated penmanship that our grandparents once used. This is true, however, cursive writing continues to be taught in most elementary schools across the country and for good reason. Below are the top reasons why cursive writing still holds value in our ever changing, fast growing world of technology.

  • Cursive allows students to be faster and more efficient with their writing (as opposed to printing) so they can enhance their note taking and test taking skills.
  • Cursive boosts confidence – Children who enjoy writing will write often, leading to better language arts skills overall.
  • High schoolers benefit from it on the SAT – The College Board found that students who wrote in cursive scored slightly higher than those who printed, on the handwritten section that they just added to the SAT a few years ago.
  • Jobs require it – A recent search revealed some job descriptions require legible handwriting.
  • Email and typing is not always appropriate- we use cursive all the time- writing notes, letters, lists. We need to be able to read our writing & others need to as well.
  • Today’s cursive style is easier to read and write- the cursive taught today is not like the old school cursive that older generations were once taught. The Handwriting Without Tears program focuses on a simple style that eliminates the fancy curly cues, loops and other difficult aspects that cursive once included. It’s much easier to learn and faster to write.

Compiled and condensed from Handwriting Without Tears